Maintenance Therapy, by definition, is used to maintain a patient’s condition or to prevent or slow the patient’s decline or deterioration.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have set standards regarding covered insurance reimbursement for maintenance therapy. You can read more about it in-depth here and here.

To qualify for Medicare coverage, the service must be:

  • Necessary to maintain a patient’s current condition or
  • Prevent or slow a patient’s further decline or deterioration AND
  • Require skilled nursing or skilled therapy to be implemented

Skilled, in this sense, means that the therapy requires the expertise, knowledge, clinical judgment, decision making and abilities of a therapist that assistants, qualified personnel, caretakers or the patient cannot provide independently.

At Home of Mine, we provide unskilled maintenance therapy. Unskilled is a medical term. It means that it has been determined by your physician, therapist, or (all too often) insurance company, that you do not require the skills of a nurse, Physical or Occupational Therapist in order to maintain your current condition or prevent deterioration or decline. Simply put, unskilled maintenance therapy can be performed on your own, by a loved one, or anyone of your choosing. It does not require the unique skills of a therapist.

You might ask us, don’t you have the skills? Why won’t you use them? Yes, we do have the skills. A whole lot of them! Check out our bios here. Our skills inform everything we do. However, similar to our in-home fitness training, we are not looking to replace the services of our Physical Therapy colleagues. If we determine that your needs require the services of skilled therapy, we will refer you to the appropriate agency to meet your needs. However, here’s how we can help you:

  • We can help to continue your home exercise program after you’ve been discharged from skilled Physical Therapy
  • We can perform unskilled range of motion programs
  • We can perform unskilled exercise implementation, similar to personal training

When you want the added assurance of knowing that you or your loved one’s maintenance therapy is implemented at the highest level possible– we can help!

Start your maintenance therapy program today!

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