What Is a Home Safety Assessment?

Is Your Home Safe Enough?

Our Home Safety Assessment is a multi-step comprehensive evaluation. We assess not only your home but also your function. We observe how you perform your daily routines for the most informative and accurate recommendations. We also provide the convenience of following through with our recommendations.

Home modifications are adaptations to your environment to meet your specific needs for safety and ability. Modifications may be as simple as:

  1. Grab bars
  2. Toilet risers
  3. Removing throw rugs
  4. Clearing pathways
  5. Non-slip shower mats
  6. Proper Lighting
  7. Smoke detectors
  8. Electrical outlets not overloaded
  9. Accessible entrance and exits points
  10. Tub/Shower seat
  11. Door levers
  12. Hand-held showers

This is by no means it this an exhaustive list as we tailor all evaluations and recommendations to the individual. If you’d like an external resource, AARP provides many on their website. Click on the icon below:

Is your home a good fit for aging in place?

As we change, our homes need to change. That means living in an environment with the ability to do all of our daily activities without undue worry or strain. A livable home and community empower you to be active and independent. To help older adults achieve increased independence as they age in place, the National Association of Home Builders, in collaboration with AARP, developed the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) program to help you make your house a beautiful home for a lifetime.

CAPS professionals are trained to:

  • Understand industry standards and codes
  • Know the requirements of basic remodeling projects and their costs
  • Help to guide product ideas and the resources needed to provide comprehensive and practical aging-in-place solutions
  • Find solutions obstacles that make environments uncomfortable or unsafe
  • Lay out a plan from start to finish so that you can remain safely in your home

What if it is determined that your home is not a good fit?

  • We can provide resources and suggestions for the right level of help at home. We can identify the particular activities people need help with and determine the appropriate level of care they should receive. We refer back to physicians, social workers, and Physical and Occupational Therapists as appropriate.

Don’t wait until something happens to act!

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