We strive to provide safe and cost effective solutions for living and aging in place.


Because you’re getting older and you don’t want to move into a nursing home. Because you live far away and you’re concerned about your loved one’s ability to live alone. Because your child needs help accessing their environment safely. Because you temporarily need to modify your home environment until you recover from your illness or injury. Because you want your home to be accessible for ALL of your visitors, no matter age or ability. Because you want to increase your strength and ability.


  • Home Safety Assessment- We assess your home AND your function
  • Home Modifications- The necessary changes to allow safer living.
  • Durable Medical Equipment- Part of the home modification. We’ll supply you with all of the equipment you need
  • In Home Fitness Training- We design a fitness program that focuses on increasing balance, flexibility and strength– all of which have been shown to increase independence and decrease your risk of falls
  • Maintenance Therapy- Exhausted your insurance benefits and want us to continue your previously prescribed therapy program? We can help!
  • Wellness Checks- Phone, Text, or in person monitoring to ensure safety
  • Equipment Checks- We’ll make sure everything is in working order and safe to use
  • Follow Up Service- Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Home Safety Audits to ensure your home remains safe as it relates to your level of function
  • Consulting- Need our advice? Want us to present to your company or clients? We can help!

About Us

Home of Mine, LLC was initially formed based on the idea that there had to be a more proactive solution to prevent falls in the elderly population. We believe that we can provide relief in an area of healthcare that is significantly deficient. We can form solutions that allow you to feel safe at home, confident in your abilities, and well equipped to deal with life as you age.

Kristin Sandler, PT, DPT

Kristin Sandler, PT, DPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of Home of Mine. She received her undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida and received her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Simmons College.

Kristin has over 20 years of experience providing care for all age groups and health conditions. She has a strong background in complex medicine, geriatric home care and adaptive seating, most recently focusing her efforts on the under-served population of adults with developmental disabilities.

She is passionate about people being able to do those things that are most important to them in all aspects of life– whether that is helping come up with strategies to live at home or to simply live life with their greatest level of independence—this is all geared towards helping people handle the challenges of living a full and meaningful life.

Need help with living and aging in place solutions?

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